Let's talk about the Contemporary

So I was reviewing my “budget” for my upcoming trip and I saw the line-item for my one night at the Contemporary and had something of a reality check. It’s very, very expensive. Am I nuts?

Well, maybe yes, maybe no. I need you guys to help me decide.

I guess I’m imagining three things. First, I wake up in the middle of the night, I look out of my theme park view window and see the Castle and it’s oh-so-magical. Second, I order room service breakfast and eat it on my balcony, enjoying the warm morning and the incredible view. Third, I casually walk from the hotel to MK in the delightful Florida weather to enjoy my last day.

What has your experience of the Contemporary been? For nearly £600 I think I’m entitled to pretty high expectations.

My other options are, I cancel, spend my last night in the house I’m staying at. On my last day I Uber to the Contemporary, leave my bags and then follow my original last day plan. At least I get the walk to MK, right? Big saving, but not so convenient. And maybe I miss out on something special.

Or there’s a Universal plan, but let’s not get into that now.

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I’m always hesitant to tell other people what to do with their money. But since you asked, I’d argue for thrift. You already know you want to have return trips. If you can let go the once-in-a-lifetime and embrace the semi-regular, you can keep the Contemporary on your list of things to do. Maybe first night next time?

Look at the other line items that £600 could go to, or imagine £600 in the jar for your birthday trip.

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Bay Lake is our home resort (DVC) and we love it, whether looking towards MK or over Bay Lake.

Your scenarios sound wonderful. Can’t say I’ve ever woken in the middle of the night, but watching the fireworks, eating breakfast on the balcony, last day stroll over? Yep, tick!

But is it worth £600? Hmmm, I would say not this time!


Are you actually going to wake in the middle of the night, or eat a leisurely breakfast on the balcony? I’d drop it personally. But I have no desire to stay there whatsoever.

I was kinda hoping someone would talk me into keeping the booking :frowning:

I personally can’t imagine spending that kind of money on one night at ANY hotel, let alone one within a couple of miles of very nice hotels for a fraction of the price, especially when you have an option for a free place. I mean, if we were in the 1% and made tons of money then it might be different, but as regular ole Joes I just couldn’t do it. But that’s me. :grin: If it was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing, it wouldn’t set me back at all, and I had cash to spare then heck, it’d be fun. But if there’s any kind of needing to stick a budget going on at all then I’d nix it, personally.


If you want to keep it, go ahead! It’s your holiday and your money. We already think you’re nuts whether you keep it or not so you have nothing to lose.


^^^ :laughing:^^^ And agreed. It’s your money, your vacation. You do what you want to!

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Then have no fear, for I am here to entice you to throw away your money on frivolous festivities!

Waking up in the middle of the night is tough to pull off and, frankly, not fun anyway. However, the ability to wake up early and eat your breakfast on the balcony and drink in that view is not something to dismiss. Nor should the morning walk. You hit that on a warm sunny morning and I’d challenge any of the renaissance artists on their depiction of what heaven looks like vs that walk.

Further! You also have forgot a possible benefit, which is to watch the fireworks and the electric water pageant the night befor from said balcony.

Further further, if your final days has an EMH, your stay at the contemporary will get you in I believe.

Further further further, I wouldn’t waste time or money with a room service breakfast and instead run down to the contempo cafe or the little store there and grab some breakfast stuff. Faster and a bit cheaper. And if you’re now worried about price, this is the way to go.

Further further further further…that view is pretty awesome. Are you sure there’s no discounts available? Sounds like you’re paying rack rate?

In all seriousness, absolutely none of this is really needed to enjoy a Disney trip, but at this point…are you worried about regretting not going for it? Or will this extra 600 really affect the possibility of future trips? After all, it’s only 600 and you’ve already saved that several times over by your original accommodations.

Oh…and “Further.”



What about looking into a BLT DVC rental for a night? Might be a more economical choice :slight_smile:

No regrets right ? Book it !

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Would it be possible to rent point and stay in a studio at BLT? Would that get it any cheaper for you?

All of the reasons that you listed (except for waking up in the middle of the night) are THE reasons I’m paying more to stay at BLT. I’m also renting points and staying in a 1-bedroom for less than you’re paying at Contemporary. To me, completely worth it…but that’s not having that experience yet. I’ll let you know in Jan 2019.

So wait, you can’t get up early to rope drop the fabled Toy Story Land, but you’ll be getting up in the middle of the night to castle gaze?? :sleeping:


I have done it. It was a dream come true. Budget allowing, I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was truly magical and I fell asleep with a smile on my face every night, looking at the castle. Do it!!!

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I repeat this thinking as we are staying at the Poly in two weeks rack rate :confused:
BUT I will say when we stayed at the Contemporary we actually said “goodnight” to the castle when we came in exhausted and good morning. and ya know what i did wake up once and roll over and you kind of remember the magic. we like it there. the monorail is fun and just taking a walk to MK and seeing the sights from that angle is fun. It’s an arm and leg, but as a one time thing, enjoy and live it up!


I suggest this:

Find a high resolution of a photo of the Magic Kingdom from a distance…possibly even one taken from the Contemporary itself.

Then, pay to have it printed on a large poster. Stay wherever you like, just tape up the poster so that when you look out from your balcony you see the poster instead.

Then, you get to experience looking out over the MK from your balcony without the money.

After you do all this, send me whatever money you save. I’ll provide you the info. :slight_smile:


Matt, I can’t remember your dates.

But since I know you’re there for June 30th, then if your last night is Sat 7th July or Sat 14th July, then a theme park view studio at BLT is available. Otherwise nothing, unless either a cancellation or someone has it ready booked.

29 points, typical cost per point would be between around 13 to 17 dollars to rent. Even at 17 you’d be saving over that Contemporary room. But you’d have to move fast.

And in all honesty I’m not sure I can recommend renting points to you. No cancellations! That really isn’t you, is it? :rofl:

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I think his last day is more like 2nd July.

I find it funny that people think Matt won’t get up in the middle of the night. A man his age gets up 2-3 times a night to use the bathroom. lol