Let's pretend

Let’s pretend that I actually have a choice of FP times for FOP on 60+5…

If we have an Ohana breakfast reservation at 9:00am, what is the earliest time you would feel comfortable booking a FOP FP to ensure that you could make it on time without rushing or stress?



That gives you til noon to get there, which should be plenty.

12p if you’re looking for an Ohana-is-always-running-behind cushion


Thanks @OBNurseNH! Mind if I tack on one follow up question that I know you will know the answer to?

In prioritizing fast passes, I know to attempt FOP and SDD first. After that am I good to just start working through them in chronological order or are there others that need priority also?

Note: I won’t be attempting 7DMT because we have EMM and MVMCP tickets and plan to ride it multiple times then.

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Personally at my 60-day last week everything else (i.e. other than FOP and SDD) was really easy to get and I moved things around all week relatively easily.


I think after those two biggies - placed as far out in your visit as possible - you are good to just go for what you want in no particular order.


I agree with @OBNurseNH for 11. If you are driving, I would feel comfortable with 11, even if Ohana is running somewhat late. If you are taking busses from Poly to AK, then I would consider hedging towards 11:30 or noon.

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So completely true!! When we went in July, it was a full hour.

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