Let's Play Another Game

I’m giving your group $150 per person to spend doing whatever you’d like outside the parks. This does not include your hotel room or transportation. Just food and fun. You may not enter a park to spend any of this money, but you can go to any WDW resort and Disney Springs. For ease in calculating, you do not have to include tax and tip.
Where would you go? What would you do? Would you stretch it out over several days or spend it quickly in just 1 day?

easy Spa at GF. longest massage i could get for $150


Sunday Brunch at CG: $80
Afternoon Tea at GF: $40
Evening Cocktails at Trader Sams: $30


Looks like it would take me about a day and a half to spend mine.
1900 Park Fare Dinner - $45
Dole whip at the Poly while watching the Electrical Water Pageant - $5
Late seating at Bon Voyage Breakfast - $34
Assuming it’s Christmas time, I’d spend the day touring the resorts. Assuming it’s not, I’d spend the day at the resort pool or Disney Springs without buying anything.
Ice Cream Flight from Ample Hills Creamery - $10
Sanaa Dinner (with bread service of course) - $45

I would spend the last ten on zebra domes at the Mara.


So many possibilities. But the first thing that comes to mind is doing The VOID at Disney Springs. So, for my family, that just about wipes out the money.


It’s $150 per person, to even the playing field for larger groups. Because basically everything in Disney costs at least $150 for a family :joy:

Question: Usually when we say “Go to the parks” we talk about the big 4, but forget about the waterparks.

Are we allowed to visit TL or BB, or are they on the verboten list?

Oh. Wow. A song comes to mind… “We’re in the money! We’re in the Money! …”

In that case…

The VOID. $30. (Perhaps twice? $60)
Snacks at DS. $10.
Dinner at DS (or elsewhere). $30.
Money for souvenirs. $80, or $50, depending on whether we do The VOID twice or not!


Though I’m wating on a ruling, here are my thoughts:

If permitted under the challenge rules, I would do an H2O Glow Night Party at TL ($59) and also a Starlight Safari at AKL ($75). Those would have to be 2 successive nights.

If TL is out, then I think I would start with an early dinner at Ohana ($46) and follow it with the Ferrytale Fireworks Dessert Cruise ($99).

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LEGO store shopping spree for the whole family - I really badly want the Hogwarts castle but can in no way justify the money.

I want the Millennium Falcon. But it is like $800. So, $150 isn’t going to cut it! :slight_smile:

(Not sure why I want it. I mean, building it would be fun. But then what? It is too big to actually do anything with, and it isn’t like a giant MF would fit into our decorating scheme!)

@MouseGirl42 I think water parks are allowed. And I love your choices. I hadn’t heard of those events!

@DumboRunner I love the pampering idea!

@erinkippen Nice! That would be an awesome lego set.

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Same here. The VOID, Star Wars side.
And there goes all the money, but it will be a glorious 15 minutes!

Edit: Oh, per person?! That’s nice, wish life were like that. :joy:
I’d ad a massage at Ship Shape, $115, I’ll need it after completing my mission!

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Each person in the group was given $150 so you would still be able to do more things.

Yes but you have a dozen kids and family they could pool all their money and get it for you because you’re a great dad.

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Well, since this is all a game and we’re just pretending…I suppose I can pretend that as well! :wink:

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I’d go to dinner at Jiko. Never been but would love to try it. Just can’t justify spending valuable park time to leave and have dinner. Would probably do a few TS meals at other resorts, but haven’t really looked into it that much. Maybe Hoop-dee-doo review. Jiko is my one main wish to eat at, mainly because I’m not sure I will ever get the chance. Plus I love trying new things and would love to try the wild boar. Never had that.

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Let’s see…

Take in a movie at Disney Springs, guessing about $15-20, get a soda and candy about another $15ish.
Ride Characters in Flight $20
Eat dinner offsite at The Nile (An Ethiopian Rest) about $20.
Play an escape the room game, again offsite about $30
And dinner at Boma $60
If there is any leftover top off with a mickey bar

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