Let's get this FORUM started!

OK everyone... trying to get all on board from chat to forum.. Admit it takes some time but once you have the hang of it....Watch out Crazy Disney people posting pics everyday!!... What have they done?? LOL MAybe they will change it back once they find out what they just did.. JK everyone Please join in add a pic or not but I would like to hear from you DLR's!!

hi @93111tink. Going to take awhile to get the masses over here I think. This will work just fine once everyone migrates- we can have 1 main thread a day and it can run like chat. Just need to get people to move over smile

Hey @ Wahoohokie ! Yeah I keep going back n forth telling everyone to check out the pics! I see @ JackOfAll was here That's a start!! Love your pics.. Your kids smiles says it all..

Saw nana here liking my Disney wallpaper! Trying to post some pics of Charlie the cat but not taking right now... maybe a limit?? LOL

Not Charlie LOL won't let me post my pics right now so I thought these would do...

Yay @93111tink Love all your pictures too!

Thought I'd put the not Disney but totally cute pics here

For all the animals lovers here.....

Cat pictures and owl pictures! Why didn't I click in this thread sooner? It's awesome! thumbsup

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OMWalt!!! Thanks SallyEpp_cot !! I must say it is an honor to have you even look at my post but to reply to one of my posts!! THANKS!! I have been peeking over on your side today. So excited.. It's awesome Your Awesome.. I have been trying to get the DLR liners over here anyway I could and know a lot are not only Disney lovers but animal lovers too.. So far some have come over and I'm sure over time the gang will all be here.. Again Your awesome and you have a beautiful family.. Saw that when I was peeking this morning!

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Just could not help myself and had to post of few more..

Checking in... couldn't sign in from phone, but got on a actual computer and now I'm signed in.

It's a little weird... change is good... gotta keep reminding myself of that.

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This is a link to the la cava chat of the day.. http://forum.touringplans.com/t/july-26th-2014-a-d=openthread/2148/95 They have the funniest stuff here.

Oh gosh! You're very sweet @93111tink! Sorry I didn't see this sooner. If you add an @ before a Liner's name then that person will get an email notifying them that you tagged them in a post of comment. smile

Thanks for making my day. I feel all famous now. I'm not really. I think I just have too much time on my hands.

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You should feel famous @SallyEpp_cot ! You know so much everyone knows you and respects your POV Your such a sweet person helpful to everyone.. So Thank You! Thanks for the tip I will use that from now on..Still learning new stuff on here everyday LOL!

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Thanks @93111tink. When my kids ask me to do something today I just might tell them to "Ask Dad, because I'm too famous to do it." wink

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http://forum.touringplans.com/t/new-dashboards/2483 New dashboards are here! Pretty fancy