Let's Do This - Last minute-ish Solo Trip 5/23

I have been randomly checking hotel availability and flights and a little solo trip came together this morning for moi. I will be at Pop 5/23-5/28! I was even able to score park reservations for MK two days that show sold out and HS one day (still going to try for an earlier day for HS)! I think I’ll try a trip report for the first time. No other plans as of right now (open to suggestions!), just excited to be back in the parks.

I do have another trip scheduled a few weeks later with DD6.


You’re going to be there for 25 days? 5/3-5/28 > 28-3=25


I wish. 5/23 (as in the thread title)



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I was way TOO excited about 25 days in the magic :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Just got a Park Reservation for earlier in my trip for sold-out HS!
I’ll have two HS days, 1 epcot day, 2 MK days, and 1 AK. I’ll hop to Epcot probably several days.

So this is what I have planned so far:

Day 1 5/23: Epcot
Day 2 5/24: AK
Day 3 5/25: HS
Day 4 5/26: MK
Day 5 5/27: MK
Day 6 5/28: HS


I also have a solo trip around that time and we have a couple of the same APRs, maybe we’ll bump into each other!

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Switched some of my PRs around yesterday.

Day 1: Epcot
Day 2: AK
Day 3: HS
Day 4: MK
Day 5: HS
Day 6: MK

I was a little nervous about doing HS on my departure day in case I am able to get a late boarding group. So now I’ll have two good solid chances to get one (should probably start practicing that…) I also was able to change my flight departure time to be 3 hours later!


I’m not doing TPs for this trip since I don’t really have many set things I feel like I absolutely must do. I do have a few, of course! And keep in mind I will be returning ~3 weeks after my trip for a 9-day mother/daughter trip with DD6. Here are my plans so far.

Sunday - ME to Pop, Skyliner to Epcot. Want to ride: FEA, Soarin’ depending on waits, SSE. To eat: Avocado Toast at Sunshine Griddle, Violet Lemonade, Impossible Short Rib, Hummus fries (vegetarian here.) I want to stay pretty late as I love Epcot and the WS at night, so I will probably just wander.

Monday - Rope drop AK. Head to Safari (I can’t do FOP), then probably Everest depending on waits. Want to try to go to Nomad Lounge for the Impossible sliders and churros. I’d like to ride the Wildlife Express as we’ve never done that and I’d like to check it out to see if DD6 would enjoy for our June trip. Will probably hop to MK this day and do whatever I feel like doing! Will grab dinner at Pecos Bill or a do snacky-dinner at MK.

Tues - HS. Try for RotR boarding group. RD MMRR, then ToT. Get a breakfast wrap from Ronto Roasters. Check out a few other things with low waits. I was hoping to get a SciFi reservation this day but have not received a single alert. I might try to join the walkup list. I will probably head to DS if I don’t get a dinner res at HS, or maybe pop over to a resort for a QS dinner (Riviera?)

Wed - Rope drop MK. Try to hit whatever must-do or really-want-to-do rides I didn’t get on Mon. These include HM, Space, PotC, PP, IaSW, Splash, and BTMRR. Hop to Epcot(?)

Thurs - Another HS day to try and get RotR if I am not able to get it Tues. If I get it Tuesday I might switch this day around (pending availability/luck of course). Either way I will definitely be hopping around this day as it’s my last full day and I’d like to hit every park except MK.

Fri - Check out of hotel and rope drop MK. Spend the morning and early afternoon there and then head back to Pop for Tragical Express around 3 or 4pm to catch a redeye home.


I hope you have a fantastic time! Can’t wait to see pics and hear how it goes. :grinning:

Well, this morning I dropped a 25 pound stroller on my bare foot :sob: It hurt so bad I almost puked. I have an exostosis on the top of my foot - a bony type growth that sticks up right on the top - and it hit that. I’ve been icing it but it’s definitely going to be swollen and bruised for a while. Hoping it will feel okay by next Sunday, I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to walk for “conditioning” between now and then, as I’ve been trying to walk 15,000 steps per day leading up to my trip.


Ouch! I sympathize! I dropped full 5 pound plastic cannister of flour (the cannister was the molded plastic type with sharp edges) right on my foot one time at the base of my toes edge on. NOT good!

My foot is feeling great and I am getting more excited for my trip. This morning I was able to score a dinner res for HBD, not the exact day I wanted (or time) but I grabbed it anyway. This is the first dining alert I’ve received, but maybe I’ll get a couple more as my trip gets closer.

We got the unfortunate news yesterday that our wfh will be ending sooner than we had been told just a few weeks ago :sob: so this trip will be a good consolation as I really don’t want to go back to the “real world”!


Glad your foot is better.

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I’m here! It’s amazing! Weather is beautiful but the WS is like 15 degrees hotter. I will post more of a report but I just wanted to say that I’m here and having a great time so far.


Yay! So glad things are going good. Hope you have an awesome trip. How’s the foot?