Let the Magic Begin

Touring plans indicates that the Let the Magic Begin show will be scheduled at 7:55 am on an AM EMH day in April. However, this Friday has an AM EMH as well and the show doesn’t start until 8:55 am. Anyone know for sure? Or do i need to wait until the week before and recheck Disney’s schedule?

The old welcome show was always before EMH started. Are you saying that on Friday this week it is listed as beginning at main park opening even though there are EMH? I don’t know as I haven’t been since the show changed, just wanted to clarify the question for those who have been more recently.

Yes, that’s what I mean.

EMH 8am-9am
Let the Magic Begin - 8:55am
Standard Open - 9:00am

That doesn’t seem that weird to me. I think it probably worked better when it was at the train station to do it before park opening regardless of EMH. It may have been odd to have people filing in for an hour and then decide to roll out the train.
With the new set up, you get to go in, no major crush through the train station, and meander into the hub. I really preferred it.

Do you know if Sleep Hollow is accessible & open before 9:00 am to non-resort guests?
I’m trying to find a place to grab a quick breakfast on Main Street/near the hub. But I also don’t want it to take 30 min waiting in line either! :slight_smile: the Plaza Ice Cream parlor breakfast seems enticing. Any experience there?

The only things off limit during EMH to non-resort guests are the attractions. Any shops/food locations that are open, are open to all.
Sleepy Hollow tends to be pretty fast. They have a limited menu so ordering is fairly straightforward.
Didn’t try the Plaza this time. Between the 2, I find the Plaza to be quite relaxed in it’s pace when ordering…which drives me nuts.

@disney1974 my understanding is that non resort guests are held in the hub and not allowed access to the lands. this is why I was questioning Sleepy Hollow… It’s location is on the other side of the bridge and more in Liberty Square, and not in the hub.

Do you know if Sleepy Hollow opens early on EMH days and is accessible to non-resort guests?