Let the Magic Begin Question

Good morning, quick question on the Let the Magic Begin opening ceremonies at the Magic Kingdom. My understanding is that the Main St. area opens about an hour before the official opening time (assuming 9:00 AM) with the opening ceremony starting at 8:55. I will be staying at the Wilderness Lodge and I believe that the first ferry boat leaves a half hour prior to park opening. If the ferry picks us up at 8:30 will we have enough time to see the opening ceremony?

I think if you take the MK boat it will be pretty tight, but you can always catch the boat that goes to the contemporary starting at 6:30 and walk from there. It’s a very short 5-10min walk!

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The boat that runs to the Contemporary starts at 6:30 AM? I didn’t realize it was that early.

Yes! We liked to get to MK pretty early before rope drop, plus had a PPO breakfast one day so we did this twice during our stay.

Actually it was 6:45 am. I double checked myself :slight_smile: