Let the Magic Begin on EMH mornings

I heard on a podcast somewhere that on EMH mornings the welcome show is for EMH only & they don’t redo it for guests entering at normal park open. Can anyone confirm?

That’s old information. Now that the welcome show is at the castle, it’s always at 9.

ETA: it’s always at normal park opening, not always at 9 as the park sometimes opens at 8.

It is always at park opening. If there’s emh and you want to watch it you need to make your way back to the Hub.

But if the park opens at 8am, then the show will be at 8am.

Sorry yes, I’ve never been there for an 8am opening but if regular park opening is at 8, that’s when it is.

Thanks! I’ve been listening to podcast episodes for fun and didn’t know if it was still true. Thanks for the update!

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