Let’s Fix Disney World!

I’m not sure what I’d do with a 5th gate. But I have thoughts and ideas for the existing parks.

DHS should be renamed Disney’s Hollywood Adventures. The “Studios” part just makes zero sense any longer. But it seems to be lands geared around Hollywood movie series (SWGE, TSL). That would give it a unifying direction.

I would also eliminate Disney IP from EPCOT and return it back to a park that is about Discovery and Exploration and Learning. It doesn’t need to be what it was in the 80s, but should still have that same kind of focus. (I thought they were going to do that with the Epcot overhaul, but then we got Remy and Moana, with Nemo in the Seas, and rumors of more Coco in Mexico, etc.)

Really, I’d like to see more original ride concepts without feeling the need to force in Disney IP even at the other parks.


Actually, probably couldn’t use “Adventures” because that is to close to Islands of Adventure…but some other similar name. Maybe Hollywood Stories?

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#1 on my list and probably a bunch of other people…

Villains’ Land

Not to be the “Universal Stan” or something, but WDW needs more rides for Teens & Adults.

That’s IMHO why GotG & Tron are such big hits. You need a land that offers bigger thrills. It can still have a children’s area and attractions.

That’s my 5th Gate…

The reason this thread started is because I want to redo Tomorrowland…

It should be more “internet” focused & Sci-Fi IP attractions. I don’t think the internet is going anywhere so it shouldn’t ever be outdated. Don’t focus or use current tech as part of any show or ride. Make more “imaginative”, with Star Trek style tech that will never exist and not a “World’s Fair”

I would keep Space Mt. with a completely new track & modern effects to preshow / ride start.

Carrousel of Progress gets updated to be “Meet the Robinson’s” and their Sci-Fi home of the future or something like that

Speedway - Electric cars and themed to Sugar Rush from Wreck-It-Ralph. (I’d shorten the track too!)

Astro Orbiter - Gone or a complete overhaul of the queue / boarding

PeopleMover - Wall-E themed. Those are the lounge chairs all the obese space tavelers are on. Add A LOT to those tunnels & such to make it a RIDE and not a napping place w/ AC

Monsters Inc - Bring back Alien Encounter! You make it VERY clear it is not for small children. You plaster that all over the outside and you even make it a part of the show. Give ppl a last chance to leave before they complain. I rode AE. It was amazing! I confess it scared the hell out of me! There was no signage explaining it was a “horror” ride.

Buzz - It’s fine. Fix it and keep it working better. (I still like the Frontier shooting gallery, so I can’t complain here)

Promote that there is a ROBOT inside Cosmic Ray’s!! Then add to it. I miss Showbiz Pizza / Chuck-E-Cheese style shows. The new animatronics they can make today would be amazing to see versus 1982 robots! (Also…better food!)


I wish they hadn’t already used Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris. That’s what California Adventure should’ve been called and focused on!

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Love all your ideas! Alien Encounter was awesome!


True :blush:

My OCD side couldn’t let the unpopular thread derail. :joy:

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It was. It was just in the wrong park.

We experienced it within a few months of it opening (it opened in June, we did it in August) and there was plenty of signage warning guests about it. People just ignored it. How scary could it be inside Magic Kingdom, after all?



I’m with Buzz.

Sorry @ryan1

Kids and I have already decided that the disco yeti should be replaced with Abominable Snowman offering snowcones :laughing:


Nice idea. The kids and I wanted to change Test Track to Sugar Rush theme :candy::lollipop:

But shortening the track??? Why on earth??




There was a rumor a few years back that it was going to be rethemed to Sugar Rush with electric cars. It is a rumor that should definitely happen! There was also a rumor PeopleMover would be rethemed to Incredibles. Not sure about that one.

I would also love to see Space redone as a modern coaster. And make the outside look like the new look they are doing in Tokyo. It is gorgeous!


We talk about this a lot! :laughing:

Just FYI we would also like to overhaul Fronteirland and make it all Gravity Falls themed. At the very least Splash Mountain would make a great Gravity Falls ride complete with Gobblewonker :star_struck::star_struck:


I’m going to have to disagree here. I think there should be more!! If you want to go to a park without Disney IP find a Six Flags. IP is what makes it Disney IMHO.

I’m a rare Disney fan that is pretty much always in favor of change. I like new things and when rides evolve.

I think HS, AK and EP could all use more rides before a 5th gate.


I have zero interest in a villains land. :man_shrugging:


That’s my Ops experience trying to raise hourly throughput. It’s a hard ride to expedite the queue and load. I’m trying to keep the queue wait shorter

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Ok, fair.

I definitely don’t think that way :woman_shrugging:t4::laughing:

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But that’s where all the cool kids hang out :blowfish::laughing:


Most of the best stuff from Disney at the parks up until very recently was without Disney IP. (Not that there was none…but the focus on Disney IP has made the attractions less than they otherwise could be, IMO.)

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Always the contrarian, aren’t you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was never accused of being one of those. :grin: