Lessons learned

A couple of days ago in one of my threads someone wisely suggested I add a “lessons learned” section to my planning spreadsheets so that I don’t make the same mistakes next time.

For example, as I was reviewing my current plan for next year I realised I was once again putting rides and meals at the centre of the plan. It was only when I watched a video about the Ten Best Somethings at WDW on YouTube last night that I remembered that the parks are visual feasts of incredible detail and I need to prioritise enjoying the spectacle the Imagineers have created for me.

What would you put in your Lessons Learned file?


Make sure your cell phone is secured in the rock n roller coaster (I lost mine) !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The moment anyone exhibits crabbiness most likely induced by exhaustion, hunger, or heat, it is time to DROP the next planned activity (but, but…the line to Space Mountain is only 5 minutes!) and take a break. Buy an ice cream sandwich, sit down and have some ice water, etc.

Also, if you pass a restroom, even if you JUST passed one a few minutes earlier, see if anyone needs to use it.


Yessss we learned this our last day. Kids were melting-- time to go!

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The lessons learned tab in my spreadsheet is mainly about daft little things which I’m likely to forget if I don’t have them to refer back to. We don’t need more than four boxes of Eggos. I ordered too many snacks again - buy less next time. Do later mornings the second week since nobody else will be interested in hitting rope drop. Allow time for DD4 to play in the parks, to her that can be as enjoyable as the rides. Make time for Community Hall. That sort of stuff. :slight_smile:


Maybe not ‘see’. Are you trying to show your underpants again?:wink:

Hehe. Check? Hmm. Ask. Okay. We’ll go with ASK. :wink:

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See. Already there, you’ve lost me. Because this suggests one can be organized.

My wife, on the other hand, does this. She had two pages of notes from last Thanksgiving, for example, about how much food was consumed versus number of people, etc., so that we could adjust. Me? I’d go (each and every year), “Um. We have X number of people. So, probably Y batches will do it, don’t you think?”

The downside of my wife’s way, of course, is that we don’t end up with weeks of delicious leftovers. :wink:



If you have memory maker, stop for pictures. As many as you can.

If it rains, rejoice in your poncho while everyone runs away. When crowds zig, YOU ZAG.

Plan that hour for transportation. Wanna be in the pool at 3? Leave at 2.

Study your meal choices. There is so much crappy food, but there is pretty good food, too.

Uber is your friend.

The extras, can be very much worth it. (Dessert parties, emm, tours)


Totally !!! I lost my phone with 4 days worth of pictures in it. At least we had lots of memory maker pictures taken.


If you are the first ones to the cart outside of The Seas with Nemo & Friends’ in the morning with a cute little kid and the CM asks you to help them open the card by getting on the walkie talkie with their supervisor, you will get free drinks and snacks…happened to us twice now. DS is obsessed with this.

I am way too crowd averse for HEA without the Dessert Party.

The Pixar Shorts are cute and a great way to cool off with the Ellen ride now gone.

My family can make a meal out of signature poutine and cheese soup at Le Cellier. And this is a must.

If you can talk your significant other into giving you some quiet time to shop in DS without him, you will come back significantly poorer than if you’re trying to deal with a DH and DS who hate to shop.

There are elevators and entrances/exits all over the place at BC/YC, and several of them may shorten your walk significantly if you find them - ask the Bell Services guys…they are amazing with this info!

I’m sure I have a ton more…but I need to go back to work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Everyone else probably knows this one but we learned it the hard way. Make sure you plan some time to take in Main Street and the castle on your first visit instead of planning to push past throngs of people lining up for HEA while you are trying to get to HEA dessert party.


Stick to your normal eating routine. I’ve ended up having to leave a queue because I was sick from eating something I shouldn’t have, or from not eating when I should have. DH ends up full and uncomfortable because he follows my eating schedule (3 meals with intermittent snacks) when he normally survives on coffee and dinner. MIL now brings a shit-ton of grapes and clementines to combat constipation from eating different from normal.


Avoid the MK on party days unless you are (a) going to the party or, (b) preplan to leave before 4:00.

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Be prepared to change your plans to suit your party … it’s all tobeasy to become The Fun Dictator but no ones feeling it … oh and touring plans can go WAY off … have a backup plan


Getting to a water park for a 10 am opening is a great way to start the day. We can get up an hour or two later, enjoy a relaxing breakfast and still be at TL or BB before opening. You can hit most of the slides before noon and head to a park after lunch and before the afternoon thunderstorms start!

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Lesson for you TO learn: hook up to the cloud and back up your pics immediately! :sunglasses:


Yeah…I never did before cause I’m a bit paranoid about confidentiality / safety etc…but I am re-thinking this now… :frowning:

Most recent lesson learned: Take the Uber between resorts, for any adr.

Took us around 2 hours to go from Dolphin to GFloridian.

Happened b/c bus just pulling away as we approached. Then having bag checks @MK tho not entering (what?!). Then boat to GF full, waiting for next one. Then when ready to board, boats shut down b/c reports of lightning (never saw any haha). Then monorail took around 1/2 from MK to GF.

We had a 1:30 adr for 18 big family reunion. So, sadly, had to cancel since GF Cafe closed at 2:30. Only a few of the party made the adr, since they were driving in from offsite.


Adding this one to my plans. When in doubt, take the Lyft!

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