Less than ideal FP times

I could use some feedback on our “main” MK day. I got our top FPs - SDMT, Peter Pan, and Space, but while Space is at 11:00, Peter Pan isn’t until 1:00 and SDMT isn’t until 6:30pm. (Spring break trip). My husband, my parents, and 9, 7, and 5 year olds.

Is my best option just to keep checking on SDMT and Peter Pan (especially day of) and hoping something earlier opens up? I’m hoping we can maybe it one of them during EMH, but I also don’t want to feel totally pressured into getting a headliner during that time.

I can make our existing FPs work into our schedule just fine, but I’m bummed about not having the ability to grab additional FPs throughout the day, something I’ve become REALLY good at when traveling with my high school students and not being able to book any pre-scheduled FPs.


I know you don’t want to feel pressured, but I would be at the very front of the pack and rope drop SDMT and then hit Peter Pan next and that completely opens up your whole day for other earlier fast passes. Then again, my kids are older and my situation might be different than yours, so I understand if rope drop is not appealing to you.

Keep on checking! When they announce an earlier opening, hop on MDE quickly and you will be able to get 7DMT earlier. If you are able to move 7DMT to first thing in the morning, your FPPs will look like ours.

We took an 8:45 AM FPP, giving us almost 90 minutes to zag and get rides done while the mob went to Fantasyland.


This is exactly my plan for my MK day next month. I currently have PPF at 10:35 and 7DMT not until 4:35, less than ideal. PPF isn’t too bad, but a bit earlier would be better. My current plan is to RD 7DMT then head to PPF and get to my 9:35 SM, and modify the others for other rides instead.

I’m in a similar situation for April 8 at MK. My PPF and Splash times are alright, but my 7D time isn’t until afternoon (not how I usually roll).

My current plan is this: Either the 9AM opening is going to stick in which case I’m keeping my 7D FPP as is, but I have a PPO BOG reservation. As long as all goes well, I will roll out of BOG in time to ride 7D. Then, I’ll drop the FPP and book something else. OR They will change opening hours, and thanks to TP notifications I’ll be one of the first to know. Then I’ll monitor closely to snag a FPP in that additional early hour. (I did this for my trip last July.)

We’ll be at EMH that morning so unless they roll it back to a 7am EMH I think this is as early as we’re gonna get.

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I’m hoping to get at least one of these done during EMH. :slight_smile:

I really think that is best route. Since 7d is you late FPP, I’d recommend RD 7d during EMM and get that out of the way. I would swap your 7D to something either at 10 or 12. 1:00 PP may not be ideal, but be there right at 1 and start snagging other FPP.

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We had FP for both SDMT and PP but at weird times in the day. We rope dropped during EMH and it was a life saver. Did it twice this week, actually, and was off both rides by around 8:40. Made it much easier to hop from fast pass to fast pass later in the day, though we found it hard to get what we wanted with 5 people.

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