Less crowded time next week

Do folks wear masks indoor? I understand early entry time would be less crowded. Which other time of the day will be less crowded. Any tips for the first time visitors with kids?

It is completely up to the individual. Although it is not required I always wore my mask indoor (and all covered queues).

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Masks are not required in any area at Universal. It is a personal choice and from the videos I’ve seen recently, the majority of the people there aren’t doing it. For a lot of people that’s a big reason they are going to Universal vs. WDW right now. (WDW still requires them indoors)

The last two hours of park operation. Typically, the first two hours & the last two are when it’s the slowest in most theme parks.

Go slow and look around - don’t try to “do it all”. Take breaks often - at least every 60 - 80 minutes. (if you are on-site and can go to the hotel for a midday nap that’s often best)

Watch YT videos of the rides before going so your kids know what to expect - especially if they don’t like being in the dark.


No. Some do, like my family who is here right now, but Universal has decided to not even try.

They “suggest” which is the equivalent of saying to most people “don’t bother” even in the raging Omicron days.

I just came from WDW where it was required inside so it’s a huge change for us. Such a tiny thing to do to keep you and others healthy and people can’t be bothered.