Len's Instagram on 5/11/23

Watched @len this morning on Instagram, and had a lot (and I mean A LOT) of interesting comments today. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it!

It got me thinking about a lot of things:

-Which attractions would utilize a logarithmic model for wait times at opening? Will secondary attractions also use this model, but translated later in the morning after primary attraction riders have finished the headliners?

-I was surprised to hear that 86% of TP subscribers stay onsite. That explains why most of the testing being done utilizes early entry. I figured the number was high, but not that high!

-If Len is right (and he often is), there is no reason why anyone should get the dining plan when it returns. The speculated cost isn’t going to save park goers any money, and if they miss one meal, they actually LOSE money.

-If Genie+ goes back to the old Fastpass+ rules (reserving rides 60 days out and getting 3 early ride reservations), how much will it cost? I can’t imagine that Disney will charge just $15-35 for this service if it actually becomes paid Fastpass. I’m thinking $50 per person per day or more on the LOW end, and maybe close to $100 on the upper end.



Yes there is. Because for some, even if you lose a little money, it makes the vacation all the more enjoyable to not think about money while you’re there.


I hope it doesn’t inflate in price just because they are not making it day-of

I’d like to see it stick to the lower end of where it ever was ($15/day)


Last time we were there when the Dining Plan was in force, I crunched the numbers based on where we had already made ADRs.

We were staying DVC over Christmas and New Year, with a split stay. Actually a 4-way split:
BLT - cash
BLT - points

The two periods where we had character meals and a number of other TS meals booked were 23rd - 26th Dec and 30th Dec - 1st Jan.

The dining plan worked out as a saving for the first period, not for the second. Simply because of the combination of ADRs, which was BoG breakfast, CP dinner, CM dinner and Ohana breakfast.

Whilst true that for many people it might not save money, it can do with the right combination of ADRs, especially with alcoholic beverages.

And it can also just about break even and thus provide some peace of mind about covering costs.

International guests can’t buy gift cards until we arrive. So no way to pre-pay and save. And simply putting money aside means it’s still a cost you have to pay at the time.


There’s also the ability for Disney to use it as a promo again… I think many users of the DDP didn’t actually pay for it.


Definitely… with the old plans if you used your all of your TS credit for character lunch/dinner then you were going to come out way ahead even if you missed a QS or maybe even 2.


@TwoBits Link please? I’m not sure which IG post this is about. Thanks.


If I understand correctly, dining plans don’t cover tips. That means people still need to carry their wallets around to pay for that.

I have never got it and see no good reason to get it either. :woman_shrugging:




He is speculating the fixed price restaurants will require 2 credits. If I recall, character meals only used 1 credit, so if you did enough of those, then maybe you could come out ahead. Depends on the new prices.

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You are correct. How we, as long a it took to get DDP back, it will be even longer before the free DDP returns.

Len did mention this, that some people prepay just for peace of mind. That being the case, you are creating a new surcharge for yourself. Prepaying is usually something you do to SAVE money, not spend more of it! But to each, their own.


Alcohol has been removed as a drink option for the DDP in 2024.

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It says on Disney’s website that beverages are included with every meal, and guests over 21 can substitute beer, wine, or cocktails. So I don’t think they’ve been removed


I’m scared to share what I think is going to happen.


Oh it does say a nonalcoholic drink is included on the UK site. When it says you can substitute an alcoholic drink, I think it means if you don’t want the free one you can pay for one.

ETA I just checked again based on other comments and it is the snack that says non alcoholic but I can’t find on the meals that it even says a drink is included.

I think I was just reading the snack part of the plan which looks like that has to be non alcoholic. I see with meals it says you can substitute an alcoholic drink if over 21.

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Since you have to be staying onsite to get the dining plan you can pay the tip by charging to your room - magic band, kttw card or use Apple Pay etc.


Alcohol is allowed as the becwrage with the meals. Just not the snacks. That is how it was before too:

  • Beverages are included with each meal. Guests under 21 years of age may choose from a variety of nonalcoholic beverages. Guests 21 and older with may substitute for beer, wine and cocktails.
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Thanks. That one actually doesn’t have a lot of comments on it, did you mean this one perhaps?