Lengthened Hours Happy Dance and a Fireworks Question

Y’all. (I’m from Texas, I can say that.) We are less than 2.5 weeks out from our rescheduled 2020 trip and my 40th Birthday do-over! Can we happy dance just for that!? And then a second happy dance for the increased hours over our stay!

We have 3 days of park hopper tickets, and I’ve planned to cap our Friday night with a birthday fireworks dinner at CG. Now that MK is closing at 10pm that day, I’m dying to hop back to MK for one last ride and view of the castle on our last park day.

This is madness, probably, but is it even feasible?
How close to park close will they let us into MK? If we don’t wrap up dinner until 9pm is it still doable? The more time I can put between our entrance and the end of fireworks should help a little with the upstream swim through crowds, but what is the best way to manage that swim? I’m thinking of the way they ushered us when we entered for MNSSHP in 2019 that took us to the right of Main Street but isn’t on a park map (that seems like an unlikely option).

I’m also happy that AK is opening an hour earlier that day. Hooray for extended hours on our last day!


What time is your dinner?

7pm Dinner. 8 pm Fireworks. Keep looking for a slightly earlier dinner time? Show up 20 minutes early?

I’m guessing dinner would be at least 90 minutes. Dessert after fireworks. If MK doesn’t close until 10:00 I’d say you can get to MK and get at least one ride in.

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I’m mostly worried about moving against the crowds leaving down Main Street, I guess, once I know they’ll let me into the park so close to closing.

I don’t mind a crowd in itself - and there will just be me and DH - so once we get through the bottleneck of Main Street I’m hoping crowds wouldn’t be overwhelming.