Length of ticket and booking Fast passes

I’ve been trying to make a rough plan so I can make our ADRs next month… and started thinking about fast pass booking, if we have an 8 day park hopper I assume I can only make fast passes for 8 days with in our stay. If we get a ticket for the christmas party will that add on one day I can make fast passes for?

We arrive mid day on Nov 30th and fly out the evening of Dec 9th. I know we will be exhausted from the overnight flight but excited to get to the parks for a few hours before our room is ready.

We currently have an 8 day park hopper ticket. We plan on doing 7 full days at Disney and 1 part day plus one evening for the Christmas Party.

I am not sure what we should do on our last day, we fly out around 5:30 pm so we could spend a few hours in a park before we go… Maybe adding one more day onto our ticket would be a good idea just to cover ourselves. We also are spending one day at universal.

advice needed :wink:

You are limited to making fastpasses to the number of days on your ticket.

A party ticket has in the past allowed you to book fastpasses, but some people had issues with this last year.

When booking your fastpasses, make sure to book your eight days worth first, and your party FPs last of all.

If your party ticket allows you to book effectively a ninth day of FPs (wherever within your stay that might be), be aware that you may get an email advising you that your last day’s FPs will be deleted. If that happens, you will need to decide which day of FPs to delete, or risk losing your final day’s FPs.

Also, the party ticket may well allow you to book FPs at any time on the extra day. However, if you make them for before the party entry time and enter the park early, you will use a day of your ordinary tickets and automatically lose the final day of FPs.


Thank you, I think I will add on an extra day to our ticket just to be on the safe side. The extra $10 each will give me some peace of mind and I will need all I can get haha

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Personally, I think that’s a good plan. I wouldn’t want to risk it, with the changes they made last year closing loopholes. You just don’t know what might happen, and it would be awful to lose FPs for say Slinky Dog or FoP for the sake of 3 “extra” MK FPs.