Lemonade Question

So we have noted in the past that the lemonade that is predominately available (fountain service) on property is Minute Maid “Light” Lemonade.

My dd is allergic to artificial sweeteners so we we have always avoided this in the past, but I am seeing more and more TS drinks stating they use Minute Maid “Premium” Lemonade. Is there more availablity of this property-wide at fountain locations or is it only at TS locations because of the higher end specialty drinks?

As someone that doesn’t drink a ton of soda, I am definitely hoping for more lemonade and iced tea options …but I am not holding my breath!

Keeping an eye on this thread! :slight_smile:

I am not 100% sure of the answer, but at Garden Grill in July was the first time I was even aware that it was artificial sweetener! I limited my son to 1 lemonade and no refill because of the sugar, and the waiter told me that it didn’t have sugar.

For many years the only lemonade we could find on property was the “light” version. Seeing the “premium” available at all is great news, I am just trying to figure out how prevalent it is! :slight_smile:

Dd has had the allergy since she was a year old, but she pretty much ignored it until a few years ago (while thankfully not a life threatening reaction, it was enough of one to make her take it more seriously!). My sister has the same allergy so we have been pretty good about being aware of artificial sweeteners in drinks, & foods (as well as medicines…it is in almost all children’s OTC meds!).

Our ADRs are all tagged w/ “other” for allergies but I am just trying to investigate lemonade options! :slight_smile:

The light lemonade is my go-to if I get a soft drink at WDW. I never had them offer or indicate there was a regular lemonade option on our recent trip. But, for your sake and those who can’t have the artificial sweetener I hope there is!