Legroom on rides

Planning WDW visit. Recently went to Anaheim and extra tall husband with bad knees could not ride several rides due to lack of legroom. One of his old favorites was Matterhorn, they had changed the cars to 3 back-to-back seaters since last visit. He could not get in the new cars. He was okay on Big Thunder Mountain.
Question: At WDW anyone aware of leg limitations on the more popular rides: Flight of Passage, Everest, Test Track, and Rise of the Resistance?

DH is 6 foot 3 and of your list has only ridden fop. He said he felt crowded but he did fit. Much taller and the restraint would not have closed.

My dad is 6’4” and was fine on FOP. On Test Track, he has to sit in the front to prevent his knees from banging (my knees hit the seats when I sit in back too and I’m 5’10”). Don’t know about the other two, but he also won’t ride Winnie the Pooh because he says his knees are too squished and I believe he has trouble with the leg room on 7DMT but does it anyway.

I’m 6’3" with a muscular build.

I am cramped on quite a few MK rides, but as long as they are smooth, there’s no pain involved. SM would be hit or miss if his knees can’t bend easily (maybe try front seat?). 7DMT is probably out, don’t recommend AO, and the very junior rides in Fantasyland would probably be wise to skip.

In EP, I second what was said above - sit in the front on TT, and also be the last one in the pod on Mission Space.

In DHS I’m not sure if RnRC is advisable, as it can be a little rough and the knees might be bent at a slightly uncomfortable angle. I haven’t riden SDD yet, sorry.

For AK, I’ve never had a problem on anything, although Dinosaur can be a rough ride. It’s the same vehicles as IJ at DLR, so it he can ride those, he should be ok.

I’m 6’6 but am able to fit on pretty much everything. There are a couple rides that are tight (like SDMT) where if I’m not in the front car, I can’t extend my knees straight out from the seat, so I have to sit with legs more open or point both legs diagonally one way or the other. Space Mtn. is a bit tight for me too, but it’s manageable. I was worried about FOP before my first ride, having heard some reports of people not being able to ride if legs/torso were too long, but I was ok with a little room to spare, and I think the more critical parameter would be calf thickness for the leg restraints.

I remember TT and RnRC being pretty tight but not to the point where I thought about the discomfort afterwards.

That’s good to hear about FOP. My brother-in-law is 6’7" and I was concerned. He’s pretty lean though, so I’m hoping he’ll fit.

The very front row has lots of leg room, but you’ll wait a while to get it.

My DS is 6’6"/6’7’ ish. He cannot fit in front of the car of space but ok in other seats. And 7DMT was really hard for him. We were worried about FOP b/c of long legs but it seems more of an issue if you are also broader (he’s a teen and super thin).