We will be spending 5 days in the parks and we have an extra day because, believe it or not, it was cheaper to stay one more. My son loves lego movies so I looked into heading to legoland for one day but WOW, it’s not cheap considering they are open 10-7. Anyone have suggestions? Is it worth it? Should we go to the parks one more day instead? Is it possible to get the tickets cheaper? Any other fun options in Orlando (not seaworld) that I am missing?

I would add another day to your WDW tickets as 5 days is not very many, we spend at least 8 and wish we had more. Adding one day should be fairly inexpensive.

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We did Legoland and loved it, with boys 5 & 7. We stayed in the hotel which was amazing (but not necessary). You can get coupons from most cello Lego packs and by signing up online for the Legoland emails, usually for buy one adult, get one child 50% off, occasionally buy one adult get a child entry free. But, if you haven’t spent a lot of time at WDW, you may be better just to add an extra day there because of the cost.

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I haven’t been to the one in Orlando, but I really enjoyed the one in San Diego. That being said, If I was only in Orlando for 5 days, I would spend them all in WDW and save other parks for a longer trip.

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We went to Legoland when then kids were smaller. I used to go there as a kid when it was Cyprus Gardens.

First off - it is in the middle of nowhere.

It is expensive

However we had a lot of fun. My suggestion is to go to Legoland FIRST. It is obviously smaller and not nearly as grand as WDW. We found it to be a wonderfully relaxing way to slide into the UP AND AT IT type of vacation that WDW can be. So if you do it - do it your first day - otherwise I think it could be a disappointment.

There are several ways you can save - check out mousesavers, undercover tourist and then just do a google search to see what local restaurants etc have tickets. I remember we got some 2 for 1 tickets.

We did LOVE Legoland. It was small, clean, friendly. It is certainly worth your time - but as previously stated - I would put it at the front of your vacation.


I wanted to do that for those exact reasons… but it ended up being the second last park day or our trip and the kids were devastated to “have” to go “back to Disney” after Legoland because they LOVED Legoland so much… so, hard to know when it should be most strategically placed in a trip: I think it depends on your kids.

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This is funny! It’s kind of like when the UG book says that kids always say the best part of the trip was the pool:)

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By the time Legoland opened, our boys were too big for some of the rides, but we love Lego and Legoland Windsor alike so we had to visit! For us, most of it was familiar, but just as fun. If your kids love Lego and are not thrill seekers it is worth going. We’ve been each time now, and enjoy it as a day away.

There’s now a whole new section designed around the newish girls’ sets, which does include a couple of cool rides. My tips are to start at the back of the park, the driving and boating schools are insanely popular.

Save the water ride at the fron of the park for later, you WILL get soaked - there are big walk-in driers to use, for a fee but you can fit 4 or 5 people in them.

Don’t leave Miniland to the end, it’s every Lego builder’s dream. When we went at Christmas there was a Santa hunt for kids (and adults, but we couldn’t win prizes). Including a whole Star Wars area.

The food isn’t great. Your best bet is the pizza and pasta buffet, at least everyone can get what they like.

And it does get very hot with very little shade. Save some of the indoor stuff for the middle of the day. The stunt show is OK, but no respite from the heat. The old Cypress Gardens is a good place to get some shade.

If you feel you want to go back, you can upgrade your ticket to a 2 day one for an extra $15 dollars I think, and return within a week. There’s enough to do to fill a whole day and more, and a nice easy hour’s drive from Disney.

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