In the middle of our Disney vacation we decided to go to Legoland Fl as a diversion. What a mistake! It is a nice idea and could be really cute. However, it is a lower grade SixFlags and a notch above a roadside carnival. The staff were rude. It took over 30 minutes to get in at 2 PM with only 25 guests in front of us (this would never happen at Disney World). The coupons they use are misleading. IT IS SO EXPENSIVE! Disney could give away free tickets to Legoland and it would ensure that all who attended LegoLand would come away bigger Disney World fans. DISNEY WORLD IS STILL THE BEST VALUE IN AMUSEMENT!!!

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Sorry you had such a bad time. I think Legoland is good for boys and kids who like legos. It does have different hours than Disney parks, usually closing around 5 pm, so getting there at 2 is not the best way to go. The coupons are always buy 1 adult get a kid free and kids go up to age 12 there.

Hope you have a better time at Disney!

The time was not the problem, we had plenty of time because of the 7 PM closing. I think it was the staff. Their lack of knowledge of their own park astonished me. They were very rude, sad. My 4 year old did like it a lot.

I never went but TP recently reviewed it for adults.