Legacy AP's - Would you trust WDW?

As I’ve mentioned in the past :yawning_face:, I am holding several sets of Legacy AP’s (Platinum) with expiration dates of 2029 and 2099. Now that both kids are in college (and their current interest in WDW is waning :cry:), it is getting more difficult to schedule 1 visit per year, let alone multiple family trips. I would like to hold these AP’s for a time in the future when perhaps they will have families of their own? Economically, it doesn’t make sense to activate them for only one trip. Would you trust that WDW is not going to suddenly announce one day that they are canceling all Legacy AP’s? If not, do you think they will give ample notice to AP Holders to “use 'em or lose 'em”? Interested in opinions here, especially from those currently holding Legacy AP’s. Thanks!

I have one with a 2099 expiration and i am activating this October. Partly because of concerns that they may just flip their position on allowing them, and partly because we are contemplating less future Disney with all the changes and cutbacks.
As long as they offer some kind of dollar value exchange, there is NOTHING stopping Disney from saying at a future date that legacy AP’s will turn into a dollar credit equivalent to what you paid towards a future itineration of an Annual Pass. And the constant cash grabs make me feel sus towards them.

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I don’t think they can retroactively change something you already paid for. That’s why people who find tickets with unused days left on them from the 90s, for example, can still use them today. They are fairly obligated to.

The bigger concern is if they decide to drop any kind of AP program in the future…what would they activate those to? They might instead apply the value of the APs to some other ticket type. Still, not even sure they can do that. They offered APs with expiration dates out to 2099 knowingly, so they should honor that.


Eh, not so much. Disney is bound to the terms and conditions of the ticket at the time it was sold to you. For instance, currently in the T&C for AP’s it states “Disney reserves the right to cancel, suspend or revoke any Annual Pass or deny Theme Park admission to any Passholder at any time for any reason.” (Emphasis mine.) I’d be willing to bet that was in the terms of Legacy AP’s also.
I noticed they also now say “A Pass will expire if it is not activated within one (1) year from the date of purchase, and upon expiration, such expired Pass may no longer be activated or have park reservations scheduled for it, and any existing park reservations for such Pass will be cancelled. No refunds will be given. The original Pass may not be transferred, and the amount paid for the original Pass may not be redeemed for cash or be used for any other goods or services other than the purchase of another Annual Pass or ticket.”
Sounds to me that they are already laying the groundwork to prevent voucher hoarding as a buffer against inflation. Could also be used to pull the plug on them at any time.

In another time, I’d have said that Disney would never do such a thing. In the Chapek/D’Amaro world? All bets are off.