Leaving wednesday...TP still intimidate me HELP

i keep trying to create tps for my trip, but then i get intimidated and frustrated and delete them. i put in everything i want to do, then add my fp, then optimize, and it doesn’t want to use some of my fp…?! is that ok, does it really work that way…

I start out by putting in everything and optimizing. But then i move around a little to better suit our needs and then I hit evaluate. I move around and tweak until I get it how I want and keep evaluating This works for me and I have a little control over the plan. I really like to do rides in same area and sometimes plans have you going across the park. So by evaluating I can control the order of the rides

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At the bottom of the Fast Pass + Selections box on your personalized touring plan, click into “Advanced Options.” Then check the box next to “Force Optimize to use all of your FastPass+ reservations, even if that increases wait times.” This will optimize the other steps in your plan but keep your FP+ selections at the times you have entered.