Leaving tomorrow but sickness :(

We’ve been planning for months and the time is finally here but the unimaginable has happened :frowning: One child is recovering from the flu and I have the flu. We are driving for two days so hopefully that will give us time to get better before we hit the parks. I was so worried about this happening and sure enough, it happened :frowning: Just hope no one else comes down with it because they will be sick while we are there.

Do you have trip insurance? If so you can get a refund and go later.

I hope the drive helps you to rest and recover! Safe travels!

This sounds like bad advice, but take like 6 mega C tablets before going to bed, and keep at them during the day, with lots of water. It’s technically an ‘overdose’, however vitamin c isn’t stored in the body so whatever you don’t use will be expelled. Another good reason for the extra water! You should start perking up pretty quickly!

You could also get a homeopathic OTC remedy called oscillococcinum. You should be able to get it at any drug store. I keep this on hand at home at all times. Really lessened the duration of my flu.

I hope you feel better soon!