Leaving today!

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to post my excitement that we are leaving TODAY to go to WDW…soo excited…bummer we will miss the new things starting on June 17-21st, but we are still going to have a blast!

I just wanted to thank everyone as well for all the great advice, I love this site…oh, and my resort actually called me yesterday and told me the room I requested (through this site fax option) was full, but she got me one 4 doors down same building…that was pretty cool :slight_smile:

This site is the best, every time my kids see me on it they kinda roll their eyes and laugh, but its how we went the the first time and saw almost everything…now this time we will see what we missed and have another great time. Lines were never too long with great touring plans! (and mid-day breaks)

Thanks everyone, just sharing the excitement and gratitude for this site and people like all of you! :slight_smile:

Now…to wait 7 hours before going to airport…every second DRAGS by! LOL


Yay! Have a great trip! Where are you staying?

Have a great trip!!!

Thanks…I am doing a split stay…3 days at Port Orleans Riverside, then to Pop Century…Pop was the resort that called me.


Have a great time! We just did a trip over Memorial Day weekend. Crowd Levels were 9 and 10 and we never waited more than 15 minutes for a ride thanks to using our Touring Plans! The only hiccup was Soarin’. We got to Epcot just after rope drop, instead of before. That cost us about 15 minutes extra in line for Soarin’. Can only blame ourselves, though.

Drink lots of water! Wear lots of sunscreen. It’s freakin’ HOT and sunny there!

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It IS freakin hot and sunny :slight_smile: Last time, coming from 60 degree rainy/cloudy ohio weather it was a total shock…this time (I hope) since its been around 80-85 I hope it won’t be such a shock…really takes a toll, and prevented us from watching some things bc of the direct sun beating down…sometime I would like to go in fall/winter…


We brought a sun-umbrella. Made a big difference! Also a water-sprayer-fan thingy. We brought one with, but they sell them in the parks too.