Leaving MK for lunch

My family with adult children (early 20’s) would like to leave MK for a resort lunch but do not want to spend a lot of travel time. Going mid-June so would like a lunch break from heat and craziness of the park dining. Suggestions please.

Any resort on the monorail / boat (poly, FG, Contemporary, Wilderness Lodge). From there it comes down to taste and what you want. There is sitdown and counter service at any of those resorts. You can do something like Artist Point or even just get a burger by the pool if you want to fully chill.

Great idea. I love Whispering Canyon at Wilderness lodge, its a favorite for our dinner away from MK I’m sure lunch is just as great. But I’d really like to try something at the Polynesian next time for a meal away from MK. Captain cooks is their counter service. Sounds like lots of great menu items.

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I love the QS at the Grand Floridian. You can take the boat or the monorail to get there (I like to take the boat there and the monorail back), the food is good, and there’s just something about being at that resort that feels incredibly refreshing!

We stayed at the Grand Floridan in late December 2014. The Quick Service was great. I would NOT recommend the GF Cafe if you are pressed for time. We we able to make a reservation for lunch, but still waited for a table, and then service was very slow.

I often take the monorail or baot from MK and go to the Poly. Captain Cook’s has amazing pork nachos!

Not sure which Magic Kingdom loop resort has the best food but another suggestion is to walk from MK to the Contemporary for lunch. It would take you less than 10 mins to walk there from MK. The Poly and GF are beautiful but, if you are looking to spend the least amount of time traveling, walking to CR might be the best option - especially if you have to wait for a boat/monorail.

Lots of great choices available at the monorail resorts. We enjoyed lunch at Whispering Canyon on a MK day and loved it, but if you get the all-you-care-to-enjoy skillet its A LOT of food. Some of the QS locations mentioned could be nice for a break from the heat of June. I’d probably stick with something lighter for lunch during the summer.

I thought of Whispering Canyon too - SO GOOD! But then I remembered I couldn’t move after eating there and the only thing I wanted to do was sleep. Ha!