Leaving Items at Bell Services for the Whole Trip

My mother is a “snowbird,” and our next Disney trip will coincide with her annual migration from the frozen north to the warmer climes of Tampa. We will be driving down, doing 8 nights at Pop Century, and then driving on to Tampa to move her in for the winter. I will then fly home. Because of this, we are going to have a car FULL of all the stuff she needs to take down to Tampa with her – think a small crossover with everything but the front seats full of suitcases and boxes. Now, we are efficient packers and champion jenga players so we could in theory just cart it all into the room with us (Mom doesn’t want it left in the car all that time for security reasons), but that will make an already small room at Pop just that much smaller. Does anyone know if we could leave some of it at bell services the entire time we are at Pop? I’ve left bags with them before, but only overnight, etc.

I suppose you could.

It just seems a gross misuse of the service, though.

I would leave it in the car if it were me. And if Mom felt that she didn’t want it there, she could always ship it… :woman_shrugging:

Yeah, that’s my hesitation as well–it’s not really the intent of bell services, especially when they are tipped positions. I am trying to talk Mom into just taking the valuables (computer stuff mostly) into the room and leaving the rest, but she’s resisting…

I definitely would not leave that much stuff at bell services, it’s a temporary hold for luggage not a moving company. Tampa’s only a hour away. Why not just take half a day and drive it over.


There’s an idea, too.

I wish we could do that. Unfortunately, the Florida place is a rental and we won’t have access to it yet :frowning:

I guess I was hoping for a miracle solution other than the one Mom doesn’t like (leave stuff in car) and I the one I don’t like (take it all into the room with us and stack it against the wall).

Another option is to rent a self storage unit for the month. For the size you need, shouldn’t be very expensive. Then once the vacation’s over, grab the stuff and continue on.

Now that’s a great idea. I’ll have to see how cheap we can go close to Disney on a storage unit.

Is it a smart use of time/$$/items/etc. to consider something like an owner’s locker, where you can keep FL stuff in FL during the season that she’s not there, and bring it out when she “opens the FL place” every year? This could be the prod to establish something like that where you don’t need to do quite as large a cross-country move twice yearly.

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Doing a quick search, looks like anywhere from roughly $50-$150 depending on size and features. It looks like https://www.extraspace.com/Storage/Facilities/US/Florida/Orlando/501229/Facility.aspx?cid=org::maps&utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=org::maps might be your best bet?

$65 for a 5x10. Roughly 12 minutes from the parks.

I had never heard of an owners’ locker! They pick a different warm weather destination each winter (Tampa, Austin, etc.) so sadly I don’t think it’s an option.

These kind of suggestions are why I love the hive mind here so much, though! Things I would never even have thought about on my own.

Thank you so much for the link! We may well go with that. I feel like $65 to have the floor space in our room back for a whole week would be well worth it.

yeah, if it’s someplace different every year, that doesn’t make sense then.

If, on the other hand, they were headed to the same base city every year, it’s worth considering. Glad to be able to help with ideas, even if it’s not right for your circumstance!

I would agree! lol

But definitely check out some other ones. Like I said, it was a quick search but currently that was what I found as the cheapest for the biggest space.