Leaving EPCOT vs. Leaving Fenway

Headed for the World in August for our birthdays.

I’ve been a longtime disciple of touring plans, quite looking forward to putting it into practice.

In any case, I’m a bit bemused by the lengthy nightmare scenario when Illuminations lets out. “With nothing else to do, all 30,000 people in EPCOT leave at once, overwhelming the parking lot and transportation system”.

I’ve been in Fenway Park more times than I can count - when the ballgame ends, all 30,000 people also leave and swamp the poor subway at Kenmore Square. But I’ve never lost anyone, nor has it taken me more than an hour or so to get back home. (I live about 7 miles from the Park, including a transfer and a short drive from my “home” train station.)

So, is it really as bad as they say?


Bad is a matter of perspective. For someone used to leaving Fenway, no, it is not bad. For non-urban folks, it appears to be Armageddon. :wink:

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I remember leaving Epcot with my two teenager sons, after the midnight fireworks on New Year’s Eve. I was very grateful they were tall, and therefore easy to follow in the crowd! I wasn’t too concerned, I knew we’d eventually meet up near the entrance or buses. The line for our resort’s bus was long, but moved quickly because buses kept coming.

It’s about the same, yeah.

Growing up I was a “bleacher rat” in the 70s. I would hop the bus in Watertown Square and then at the end of the game get the bus back. Wait…no, maybe that was only 12,000 people back then? Same concept- leaving the Garden or First Night- follow the crowd, load transportation, go home.

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Not so bad. But, if you’re worried about it, maybe hang out in World Showcase for a bit after Illuminatuons.

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I went in Sept, so it was “slower”, but we left Epcot after illuminations 4 times during our trip and never saw any traffic. There were still a good amount of cars in the parking lot (even with us taking our sweet time leaving), but we never even had to hit the brakes pulling out of the parking lot. That being said, if you encounter traffic it would not be as bad as Fenway in my opinion, mostly because there aren’t a bunch of crazy streets you have to navigate.

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