Leaving Epcot after Harmonious

We plan on seeing Harmonious from Japan. Just considering our options on leaving. Will have two toddlers which might stay up for it but will probably be asleep in buggies shortly after it finishing. Aware Japan is pretty much the farthest point away from the busses to take us back to POFQ. How long do you think that walk will take? Would it be a smarter option to order car seat Ubers from Y&B or Swan instead?

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You will basically just have to wait it out since you’ll be at the back of the long line of people exiting. But since the kids will be in strollers I assume that means it won’t be too big a deal to take your time.

Getting an Uber at Epcot isn’t horrible, even after Harmonious. My driver actually had my walk to the very end of the aisle so he didn’t have to wait in the line of ride shares (which wasn’t too long). But going to BC would probably be easy enough.

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There’s two things here: the length of time the crowd takes to move out - also a function of the buses.
And the length of time your personal walk takes.

In our experiences, you’ve got pleeennty of time to saunter along, soaking up the ambiance of Epcot, after hours. If your littles are indeed sleeping, you’d have time to sit in each country for a bit.

If getting home quickly is the goal, probably an uber from Boardwalk or even maybe Beach Club, tho how many others will have the same idea. I know nothing of uber - can you order in advance for 20 minutes after Harmonious is over?

When our plan is to exit Epcot at the front and take a bus, I expect to take about an hour to go from Japan to the bus stop. Mostly because we like to arrive at the stop when there’s very few left waiting.