Leaving Disney to go to Andretti Go Kart - the horror!

I have crafted what looks to be a beautiful Disney vacation, carefully laying out park time/swimming/rest time and ADRs. DH let me plan everything and said he will look at it “on the plane.” We are leaving in two days!

So last night he tells me he wants to go to this Andretti Go Kart thing during some of our “free time”. At first I was like, “are you crazy!” Leave Disney World to go ride go karts? After silently fuming for a couple of minutes, I realize yes - he will need to leave the World to do something else for half a day. He can only take “so much” of Disney, unlike me :slight_smile:

We looked at our plans and there are a few options - one happens to be on our MK park hop afternoon (starting with APR at Epcot). I also have a BOG dinner reservation for the six of us that night, so if he goes with one or two kids to the go kart place, and if I show up with 3 or 4 people instead of 6 will I get charged for the others? If I try to “change reservation” on the website there is no availability. I can call but wanted to check here first.

Nope. As long as 1 person shows the no-show fee is not a thing

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Awesome, thank you!

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Haha- exactly!!