Leaving a car at a park after close

Stupid question alert: I’m assuming there would be no way for me to get back to a parking lot of a park that is already closed by DTS, but wanted to double check. I’m doing AK one day that closes at 5, then have dinner res at Boma at 7:30 and wanted to leave the car to come back for it, but realized that probably won’t work, correct? My follow up would be if this won’t work, could I park at AK lodge in the morning and leave the car there for the day? Thanks!

Why don’t you drive to AK in the morning, and then drive to AKL for your res?

I could, just trying to avoid driving because I’m lazy :slight_smile:

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Honestly the drive between the 2 is about 5 minutes. You’ll waste so much more time waiting for a bus each way, it’s really just easier to drive haha

Seconding @mALYficent. The aggravation of waiting for the bus is less pleasant than a five-minute drive, I think. Especially if you just miss a bus!

So true! I understand the laziness, but in the long run you will be happier driving to both.

Take bus to the park & then to AKL, then cab/Uber back to your resort. I don’t like to drive after a dinner reservation because I like to enjoy adult beverages without the worry.

I’m staying off-site so taking the bus to the park will be more of a pain/impossible than just driving to each spot. I knew they were close but didn’t realize it was within 5 min, so I suppose I can not be that lazy :slight_smile: I just assume trying to drive around Disney takes forever, but I guess not in some cases.

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