Leave your tigers at home folks!


So many things wrong here…


I wonder if the David Tetzlaff mentioned in the article is related to “Jungle Larry” Tetzlaff, who used to have animal shows in Florida and then at Cedar Point…

Da Hell?!! I have so many questions…where was she from? Where did she get the tiger? What possessed her to bring it to a park? What made her think she was going to be allowed in?

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Ok, saw the part about where she was from…guess that explains part of it.

So, she got the tiger on an airplane with no problem?

I’m glad I wasn’t stuck behind her in line for bag check.

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That’s what I wondered?? Taking a tiger through customs?? Really? My DH had trouble with dead fish! :smile:

I’d guess she bought it in the US somewhere. I once read there are more big cats in private hands in Texas alone than in the wild.

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Buying it here would make more sense.

My first thought was how did it get though quarantine?? And WHY, WHY would you want to bring ANY animal into Disney. The only tiger in the MK is Tigger, and the others are handled well by the folks at AK. Wow.

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If you read down to the end of the story you will see that it was not a tiger, it was a bengal CAT, a domestic animal.