Least Crowded Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party of 2019?

Looking forward to this blog post! Last year it was posted on May 31st? Did I miss it this year?

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I have been waiting eagerly for this as well. I suspect SWGE has them a little behind but that is the exact reason I am waiting on this blog post.


We are thinking about a quick two-day trip for MNSSHP specifically, so following as well.


Count me in on this. I check that page about once a week to make sure I didn’t miss it. I’m guessing that SW:GE is making their predictions difficult and maybe they won’t even try this year. Any input @len?

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Brian’s been busy. I’ll ask him to look at it.


Thank you to everyone at TP for all of your hard work!


Thank you!

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Brian says he’ll get to it this month.


Thanks, everyone for your replies and especially to the creators of this great website!

Anyone know whether this is up yet?

@len I hate to ask because I know how busy SWGE has Brian but is he close to releasing MNSSHP predictions? I know it’s Early July but parties are next month. Thanks

Should be out any day now. Spoke with Brian yesterday about it. Thanks for using the site!

It is here:


Woohoo! Thanks to everyone at Touringplans.com for your hard work!

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Thank You!!

Are there any crowd predictions for November 1st?? Thanks in advance!

As far as MNSSHP? It’s predicted to be 2nd most crowded. If you just mean overall crowds across all 4 parks. TP has it at a 4 as of today

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Hmmmm. Will there be a similar list for MVMCP?

I noticed on the YouTube video Brian said Columbus Day was Oct 7th, when it’s actually Oct 14th this year-will that change what he has predicted???