Leading Reservations & my TA?

Originally I only cared about Topolino breakfast … but now that Hoop-Dee-Doo will be back (and we’re staying AT the Fort!) that’s also a priority. It’s really the only dining we plan on doing. So, since i’ll be super disappointed if I can’t get these… I’m inclined to do a leading reservation just in case. It’s not a once-in-a-lifetime trip… but it’s definitely a once-in-a-LONG-time trip.

Do I need to involve my travel agent? Can I just make the soon-to-be-cancelled room reservation on my own and handle the dining reservations on my own? If I ask my TA (not a Touring Plans TA unfortunately… I already had one before I realized TP had some) to assist… will she dump me lol? Just trying to figure out how frowned upon this method is… lol

You can just do it yourself. If your TA needs to call Disney for anything, they may or may not mention to them that you have two reservations but I wouldn’t let that stop you. But I wouldn’t ask the TA to actually book it for you knowing that you’re going to cancel it anyway.

We used a TA because we’re going with a large group and it was just easier to have her answer questions for everyone. However, I did a leading reservation that I just booked myself. All going smoothly until my mom and SIL had issued with MDE and the TA went in and saw the leading reservation. I had to sheepishly confess my scheme. She even modified my reservation (changed the parties because it didn’t match the actual reservation) and I had to cancel and rebook the leading reservation.

Oh good point… if she’s not going to get commission… doesn’t make sense for her to do that work

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Hi! Question: So If I am going to Disney on Nov 28th, I would book my leading reservation for the 18th? Would I book it from the 18th-the day I leave (Dec 5th)?

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Yes, exactly.

And when would I cancel it? Sorry for all the questions!

60 days from Nov 28th so…according to google Sept 29.

Awesome! Thank you~

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You’re very welcome…I’ve done this a few times now and it works like a charm. Truly stress free…just book 70 days out one day at a time whenever you wake up naturally for work or whatever. There is always availability for the hardest to get things!

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Yay, thank you !