Leading reservation question

Anyone know how MDE knows (or how I tell MDE) that I have a split stay coming up, when one of those stays is booked through Marriott/SPG on points? For ex., first 5 days booked through Disney at Poly, last 3 days booked through Marriott/SPG at the Swan. How do I make sure these are both (esp. the Swan res) reflected on MDE for my 60-day FPP window so that I can start making FPP ressies for the latter half?

You just need to have both stays linked to your MDE account. Once that’s done, all should be well.

Thanks. How do I actually go about linking them?

You should have a reservation number for each stay.

Go into your MDE account, and click on My Disney Experience.

It should come up saying “Staceyrose55’s Plans and Tickets” (you get the idea :slightly_smiling_face:).

At this point, if you haven’t already done so then add anyone else also going with you under Family and Friends.

Then click on the Resort Hotel button. You’ll get two options - Explore resorts and Link reservation. Click on Link and then enter your reservation number.

Then repeat for the Swan reservation.

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Thank you for “holding my hand.” That helps! :wink:

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