Leading reservation for a split stay from UK?

We are due to visit for the first time in October and have decided on a split stay (YC and BLT).

I would like to book CRT towards the end of our trip but because of the split stay, it will only become available to us at 60+2 or 60+3 which I’m thinking is going to be too late to get a booking.

I am looking at adding another reservation, either just to cover our full stay or as a proper leading reservation so that I can book day by day. But Disney UK seems to require a £50pp deposit which as far as I can see is non-refundable.

Has anyone else made a second booking from the UK and found a way to do it on a full-refundable basis? Thanks

Looking at dining right now at 60 days from today at 9:50 am Disney time, and CRT has multiple times available for breakfast and lunch. I don’t see dinner times available but it is a MNSSHP night. CRT isn’t nearly as hard to get as it used to from what I’ve noticed.

Thank you - this is really helpful feedback. In which case, it may just be easier to chance my luck!

And worst case use a reservation finder. I’ve always been able to eventually get what I want this way.

Though admittedly I got Space 220 the night before on the bus home from MK close to the previous midnight cut off time and boy was that close and I had to have fast fingers because I lost about 10 before that because I wasn’t fast enuf. But even then I eventually got it.

Could you use a vpn and book through the US site?

If you want to book any of the “enchanted extras” like tours or droid & lightsabre building online you’ll need a vpn for those anyway.

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Yes, I did it last year. I used a VPN to book on the US site which is fully refundable up to arrival day (room only). I cancelled it about 50 days out. I only had it overlapping my first 5 days as I had a tough one on day 2 and day 5. But I could have overlapped the whole 2 weeks.