Leading Reservation Before Cruise

I am doing a Disney Cruise in May and will be arriving the night before the cruise in MCO. We then have a week long trip in WDW after the cruise.

Is there a way to stay onsite before the cruise in such a way that my tickets cover maybe one day before the cruise and 5 days after, skipping the four days of the cruise, in such a way that my FP day would be the day I arrive before the cruise?

Obviously this would really help with my FP situation and would also allow me to book a ticket package (since I got my hotel through DVC so that’s not an option for the post-cruise stay). Any relevant or even out-of-the-box suggestions would be welcome.

I’m sure when they introduced the new date-based tickets, Disney announced that you could buy special tickets through DCL that would cover stays before and after your cruise.

That won’t help with the FP window though.

You could book the cheapest room you can for those 4 days, campsite maybe.

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I don’t think you can buy cruise tickets and do this?

I did one night before/ three nights after and it was definitely two windows for FPs.


They probably could as DCL and WDW reservations are on two different systems.

It would just be knowing you are tying up a campsite someone who actually wanted to visit during that time would not be able to book. But I’m probably the only person on here who would feel guilty about that, so…


But they knew I was DVC member?

I have never, ever used any of the tricks we all know about. Part of my fun is the challenge of staying in the rules as I interpret them to be intended- regardless of any “openings”:grinning:


Yes, because your Castaway Club account is linked to your MDE account as is your DVC status.

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Even for a first cruise? Although they did say as a DVC member I guess it did connect? It confuses me.

So, if a Castaway Club member had a resort reservation could they still get before/after tickets being double booked? Wouldn’t it cause a conflict in MDE?

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If you used the same email then yes. It connects them. Only way around it would be to give them a different email which would likely create a new DME account.

I don’t know the specifics - but I know the cruise line no longer books land and sea. Even if your TA books it land and sea, the cruise is booked through DCL and the resort through WDW in terms of systems. It’s why I had two payments - one for the cruise and one for the resort. It was two separate charges.

Honestly I don’t think it would occur to them that people would spend money for a land space they were not occupying while paying the money they do for a Disney Cruise.

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Yeah, I am still processing the whole DCL experience.


Thanks for the helpful insights. I guess it sounds like the two reservations would be separate FP events - oh well, worth asking. And I would feel a tad guilty for reserving a campsite that I wouldn’t use … and not just for the money I’d be wasting. :grimacing:

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