Lead time needed for good fireworks location in the MK Hub

How far in advance of the start of the fireworks would we need to be in place for a good fireworks viewing location in the hub? This is for late June, Fri or Sun night. Will 30 minutes suffice? Or an hour?

Also, does anyone know if you are allowed to stand along the wall/railing in front of Casey’s Corner (border of the Plaza Garden West)? Looks to be a great spot but is along what looks to be a highly trafficked walkway.

30 minutes should suffice for a spot. An hour would suffice for a potentially better spot. I’m not your best source on this, so hopefully others will see your question.

Bumping this thread also curious best spots available about 30 mins ahead

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@Sunshiney_Disney_Momma arrived about 20 minutes in advance and found a good spot. Maybe she can give more details about what was available by then.

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Sometimes near Casey’s you can find a spot at 30 min. prior. If you just want to see fireworks there was a thread on chat regarding Fantasyland spots. At the exit to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, etc.

I feel like I answered this in another thread?

We have stood at the spot in front of Casey’s before (twice). Both times were relatively last minute (once honestly was as I was pretending we were exiting the park, so mere minutes before the first ones went off). I would think 30 minutes would be sufficient.

It’s a great spot. You do sometimes have someone with a kid on shoulders in front of you who are at one of the dessert parties as the garden area is reserved for them. But otherwise it’s fantastic.



I’m sure repeat questions get asked. They do on chat. :wink: And- answers can change day by day. Search feature is handy though for research for those who have time.

Nah. You’re correct that there are repeat questions. And then there are literally repeat questions:

I knew I answered this LOL but I couldn’t find it at first so I was wondering if it was a dream.

To be clear I don’t mind repeat questions - I was only just very confused when I couldn’t find the thread where I was sure I had answered this in the last 12 hrs :laughing: