Le Cellier or Chef De France?

My husband has a work trip to Swan & Dolphin and I was able to find childcare so just found out I can go with him! We are going a day early and want to eat at one of the nicer restaurants in Epcot since we will be kid free (first time at Disney kid-free since we were engaged 17 years ago!)

Thinking about either Le Cellier or Monsier Paul … thoughts? We are big foodies - high end food and wine is our thing. In the past (but with kids) we have gone to California Grill, Jiko, and Sanaa and thoroughly enjoyed them all. But since we only have 1 day in the parks together I’d like to stay in Epcot.

Thoughts? Thanks!

Your title says Chefs de France, are you considering there too or should it say Monsieur Paul? I’d take either of them over Le Cellier, just based on reviews I’ve read as I haven’t eaten there. I was going to try it this time but saw too many bad reviews so we’re going to Chefs de France and Yachtsman.


Whoops - I meant Monsieur Paul! Clearly I was just too excited to find childcare to pay attention to what I was typing.

Great to know about reviews lately about Le Cellier - I’ve always heard good things but haven’t read any reviews lately.

Personally, I think Le Cellier is way overrated. I wasn’t really impressed. But I have not eaten at MP. FWIW we have had some great dinners at Yachtsman.


If you’re at swan/dolphin don’t forget to consider the restaurants there as well. Lots of good choices.


Monsieur Paul would be your better bet. We have eaten at Chef’s de France, Le Cellier, Jiko, Yachtsman and many others over our last 2 trips. We did a trip report that went into a lot of what the different places we ate at were like, including pictures. Here is the link to the one for Monsieur Paul.

We also did our final thoughts where we talked about the worst and best and the over costs.

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We ate at both Le Cellier and Monsieur Paul at Christmas. I really enjoyed both, but for a special couple dinner, I would choose MP over LC. DD17 and I ate there on her birthday and had a wonderful time. DH didn’t feel well and stayed at the resort. We loved it so much that we changed one of our ADRs the next day so he could go.


I know you said “Stay in Epcot”, but given its location between Epcot and your hotel at S&D, I feel compelled to recommend Flying Fish. It’s at the BoardWalk.

Hi! Yes, it’s my husbands only day in the parks, then I am going to try my first solo adventure without him. I made a reservation for two a few days later at Flying Fish hoping I can steal him away from his work meetings for a dinner.

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