Le Cellier on regular dining plan

We are on the regular dining plan but meeting friends not on a plan for a few dinners. Would it be cost effective to pay for our dinner at Le Celliar instead of using our dining credits and use them later for our guests at restaurants that only use one credit? We are using all our TS credits on dinners

I think it depends on what you order. When we go to Le Cellier we usually pay less out of pocket there than BOG.

We have always paid for Le Cellier out of pocket rather than using 2 credits. In part it would depend on what you would use those credits on, but 2 character meals would be in the neighborhood of $90 while your Le Cellier meal is likely more like $50-70 per depending on your entree. If you’d use the 2 extra credits for Liberty Tree & SciFi, but plan on the Filet & dessert at Le Cellier, using the credits at Le Cellier may make more sense.

I would figure out how you will use the credits and price things out based on the menu and it should be fairly clear which way to go or that it just really won’t matter as it’s not much $ difference…

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