Le cellier in late July

We had our adr reservation last week and I haven’t been able to get a reservation at le cellier at all. No open times on any day morning noon or night. Is there something going on there in July? Will it be under refurbishment or is this a Disney glitch?

I would just keep checking. They haven’t announced a refurbishment but it’s possible that they will.

I’d set reservation finder.

Either there is an unannounced refurb coming or they just have not loaded them yet. I’ve been trying to find something since Jan 20 (my 180+10) and nothing for any size party any day July 18-23 any time. Have a res finder set up and nada there.

That’s the same time I’ll be there - july 19-25. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one. I’ve set the reservation alert and will keep checking!

Thank you for sharing this - my ADR day is Friday and we were very excited to go to Le Cellier. I now have a Plan B prepared if it’s not available (and will use reservation finder too!)

We ended up booking the French restaurant in the interim. Hopefully it will open up soon!

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I got a reservation finder notification today and booked August 7th!

I got a notification too! Hooray! I got July 23rd. yay!