Laundry question!

Might seem an odd question but I’m staying at Yacht Club later this year - coming from the UK where I usually use washing liquid as my son has sensitive skin. Can I bring my own washing liquid to use in the hotel laundry or do I have to use their powder?

You can use whatever you want.


Liquid is fine. Actually powder is used less in the USA than liquid ( at least in my experience), but any laundromat I’ve ever been to (even hotel ones) let you use either.

Thanks v much!

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Did you know there’s an app to monitor washer availability, make sure no one steals your laundry and how much time is left on your wash?
Just type yacht into where it currently says art of animation.
You can put in a load, go get breakfast and monitor how your clothes are tumbling at any given time!


I forgot about this. Thanks!

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Learn something new everyday :wink: Thanks for sharing.