Laundry at BCV

We are arriving 8/19 @ 0800 for 7 nights. There are 5 of us (2, 5, 8 all girls) and my husband and I. We have never been to WDW this time of year. Staying at BCV studio room. Should I plan to do laundry there? Anyone with any experiences? If no to laundry how many days of tips and bottoms would you suggest? Probably taking breaks back at hotel every day. 17 days left!!!

Put some laundry in, go for a swim in the quiet pool and then stick it in the drier. What’s not to like? :slight_smile:

Is there a cost? Or are the machines free? Is it easy to get a machine? Or are they always busy?

Are you in a DVC studio? They may have them in the room itself.

Yes we are in the studio. I think they only have them in the 1 bedroom and larger. Not sure though.

no washer/dryer in studios.
the laundry room is on the 4th floor, near the elevator at the beach club villa building.
no charge for use
there are 2 or 3 washing machines and 2 dryers.
use this site to check for available machines:

Great! Thanks for the info.