Laundry at Art of Animation?

Anyone used the washer/dryers at AofA? How much are they? How busy are they (going on a Crowd level 10 week)? TIA

We used the ones at the Little Mermaid pool in April. Think it was $2 to wash and $2 to dry. There was only one other person doing laundry, it was a Sunday afternoon around 2pm. There are machines at all 3 pools so pick a pool and then take your laundry there (I emptied out 2 rolling suitcases, made it super easy to get the laundry to and from the pool).

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I can’t remember the exact cost because I used the credit card station to operate the machines, which is nice if you don’t want to have to transport coins with you. I did laundry late on a Tuesday morning and again late one night. Not crowded at all, but our week was definitely a lower crowd week. The dryers were very efficient…I only needed to run once and everything was completely dry.

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I didn’t realize it would have a credit card option - yay for not taking quarters!