Launch Bay vs. Great Movie Ride without FastPasses - at rope drop?

The short question is – which makes more sense to hit at rope drop to minimize overall wait times?

I’m struggling a bit with a short morning in HS and I’m trying to get in both SWLB and GMR without fasstpasses. We have a FP reservation for TSM with a 9:15-10:15 window.

My current plan is to do SWLB or GMR at rope drop, then do TSM with FastPass, then go to the other of SWLB or GMR.

But which first? My morning is very tight on time. My son would like to do both meet and greets at SWLB, so my first thought is that should be our rope drop priority to get the shortest lines possible there, but any guidance is appreciated.

Could you move TSMM back to later, hit both GMR and LB before 10?

We were there in February and had an 8:00 ADR to Hollywood & Vine before rope-drop @9. We finished eating and headed out the door at 9 and people were already being let in. Our first stop was Star Wars Launch Bay, we were able to see both characters within 30 minutes (chewy was a longer line than kylo ren). The meet & greets were awesome!! We did not see the movie but took our time in the cantina (traded with the jawas, played on the games, and toured the shops). We were there for a full hour. We then headed to Toy Story Mania with our fastpass (same time as yours) and we were through the line pretty quickly but the ride unfortunately had technical difficulties!! :frowning:
I can see it working in your favor with doing SWLB, TSM, then GMR!! But make sure your there at RD. :smile:

Unfortunately no… No times are available.

Thanks, that helps. Any thoughts on how much longer waits might get by 10 am? Touring Plans optimize is suggesting we do ST and TSMM both before SWLB, but that seems wrong to me… The character waits worry me after about 9:30.

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I would go Launch Bay. GMR is an easier one to snag FPP for later if you can’t do it first thing:

I would definitely do SWLB first, saving the movie for last and heading right for the meet and greets. I don’t think that the touring plans currently take into account the meet and greets, so it’s probably advising you wrong. Do you have a FP for ST? I’m assuming you do.

We were there on a crowd level 10 day!! The lines grew gradually, not sure what time it stated when we left. Because the Launch Bay was new we were not sure how accurate the times were going to be so our party split up.
My DD really wanted to see Chewy and my DS wanted to see Kylo Ren. I took my DD to see Chewy and my DH took our DS to see Kylo Ren…after the m&g we went to see the other character because the lines were still manageable. When my DD & I finished both m&g my DH and DS was still in line to see Chewy. I can only recommend what happened that day and suggest you see Chewy first then Kylo Ren to help with time!!!
This was my TP for the day:
7:53 ADR Hollywood & Vine
8:58 SWLB
10:09 TSM Fastpass (technical difficulties)
10:28 Honey, I Shrunk the kids
10:46 Star Tours Fastpass (standby times were already huge)
11:30 Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular Fastpass
12:34 Muppets
1:15 Frozen Sing-a-long (needed to go to later show because we went to TSM with our paper fastpass)