Laughing Over Stressing Over CLs

I’m cleaning and sorting stuff from our December 2019 WDW trip and came across the CLs that were available in TP in the Spring of 2019 that I used to plan our trip. I remember stressing over the CLs as they changed multiple times before our trip. I thought it was an interesting exercise to compare the original projected TP CLs to the actual TP CLs. I laughed and laughed when I compared the original projected CLs with the actual CLs. I hope the post trip laughing counts as stress relief from trip planning! Hope you will perhaps laugh with me :rofl:



Wow! A 1 for HS?

I’ve learned from here not to stress. People on the blogs are less informed and are really upset.


I know, right?

It was an amazing day at HS.

I read a lot more on Chat than the Forum early on. People on Chat stress over CLs.


{insert anything here}


Actual HS CLs have dropped year-over-year due to the opening of SWGE and RotR…sometimes significantly. Probably not what Disney had hoped for!

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Thanks for sharing. I see the summary as Actuals are less than Projection for majority of the cases.

You are cherry picking one of the most volatile weeks of the entire year. The actual CL “less than” projected CL is not a rule.

Besides, CL should not be used to micromanage days but rather to set expectations of your overall experience. CL are useful to pick a week vs another week and maybe to avoid a particularly busy park (maybe due to a festival or something else). CLs are close to useless for pretty much anything else.

A CL10 is almost indistinguishable to CL9 or even CL8. A CL 5 with the wrong plan can feel like a CL10. A CL9 can turn into CL4 because of a heavy rain. CLs capture overall crowd patterns like holidays and vacation days.

Trying to play CL arbitrage is a futile effort.

My personal motto is to plan for the worst, be flexible, and enjoy yourself.

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I think this was meant for me because I’m the OP.

I was just providing my experience over ME stressing over CLs before our trip. Lots of people posting on the Forum stress over CL 4 vs CL 5. I didn’t say that the CLs were always less than projected.

My point was just like you said. CLs should not be used as the only data point to pick park days. I apologize that my post came across the way you interpreted it.

Chill, we are going to WDW.

I didn’t meant it for you, it was a warning to Vish who seemed to draw the conclusion that “actuals are less than projected” when in fact the conclusion is not to stress over CLs!

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