Latest Park- and Attraction-Level pages for Lines 2.0

Based on your suggestions, we’ve made the following changes to the Park page:

  • Added color to the Ride Now/Wait recommendation
  • Removed the explanatory text about that recommendation to the Attraction page itself
  • Moved the Posted Wait/Additional Shows info to the left, to show more attractions per screen

Here’s the latest version of the page. Ignore the Filter/Park/Name header styles - we haven’t got to that yet.

Here’s the latest version of the Attraction Detail page, incorporating your suggestions on the wait-time chart:

The red dot in that chart represents “now”. (I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but it’ll be more clear once we’re getting live data when the parks re-open.)

Here’s the second part of that screen:

For the ratings, we’re trying to provide context around whether a number like “4.1” is good or bad for that age group. I like the idea of using icons instead of words like “Much above average”.

The icons shown don’t correspond to the numerical ratings right now. Rather, I’m trying to show the range of icons, from “Exceptional” to “Don’t ride this”.

We’ve still got to figure out the color palette for the ratings, too.

Here’s the bottom part of the screen, showing today’s submitted wait times:

I like the color-coding of actual wait times - it makes them easier to identify in a long list.


Looks great!

Just wondering if submitted times should be higher? It’s something I look at frequently when in the parks but I might be the exception.


I like the changes.

If I might nitpick…and this might only be due to the fact that this is prototype…but my eye was immediately bothered by the mis-alignments:


And this (incorrect)


versus (correct):


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Yeah, working on that now.

How’s this?

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Good idea. I’ll try moving it up.

How’s this, @thekid?

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I like it! Thank You!

My visual perceptors thank you! :wink:

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I’m debating whether to add small images to the attraction list.

Here’s what 7DMT might look like. Any thoughts?

Or this.

For me, the images just clutter things unnecessarily. I don’t think it helps speed up identification of which ride you’re looking at.


And I think the short written description is more informative than a small picture.

I like the pictures of the rides, but my eye is gravitating to the star image initially. I had to really look around to find the info I really wanted - the wait time.


Looking great Len, I also would agree there is no need for the images.

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Maybe we can do something about the star image.

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I like the picture (probably going to take a bit to make sure that the picture is one that makes sense), but I like the smaller version better. I just need it as a quick visual verification, but I wouldn’t say it is needed. I do think it gives it a slightly more polished look.

I prefer w/o the picture - looks too cluttered IMO. I really like all the changes!

I agree with Ryan, I can’t even tell what the images are on a small screen.

Digging the overall redesign!


I prefer it without the ride images, cleaner, easier to look at.

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