Later BOG reservation

I was just able to score a dinner reservation to BOG at 8:35 on a night when Wishes is at 8:00. Since the show is about 12 minutes, we want to wait until after the show to check in. Will this cause us a problem? Also, the park closes at 9. How does that work for late dinner reservations?

We had lunch there a few years ago and really enjoyed it. The reviews I’m seeing for dinner aren’t consistent at all. Since we’ve already eaten in the castle, is it worth it for dinner? Thanks!

I think that sounds like perfect timing. You’ll get to see Wishes, and will see an empty park when you leave after eating. They won’t rush you out or anything.

DO IT! For the reasons Sally mentioned above! Even if you are a few minutes late to the reservation due to battling the crowds, they will hold it.

BOG was my favorite sit down dinner last trip - not just for decor, but my food was amazing.

Don’t forget to try the grey stuff!

Thanks for the feedback! I think we will keep it. We’ve never been in the park after closing. The grey stuff IS delicious! :slight_smile:


Just one more thought - don’t be too surprised if they extend the park hours. They do that sometimes. I’ve had it happen a few weeks before a trip, and also on the actual day. It shouldn’t make a difference for your plans, but I thought I’d mention it.