Later arrival for early morning extra magic hours

I know, I know…this sounds silly, but if there are extra morning magic hours at MK from 7 to 8 for example, if you are a WDW resort guest and get there at like 7:30, are you stuck behind those waiting for normal 8 am opening?

No, you can enter then!

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Thanks, but what I meant was if there is a line already formed for 8 am entry, will I be stuck behind it if I arrive at 7:30 - or do they have separate lines for EMHs and regular opening (I wouldn’t think so)

When we arrived at Magic Kingdom they scanned our MBs twice- once to get in the park and then once on the way into Tomorrowland. I’m guessing that was to check to see if we qualified for EMH.


Yes, if you get there at 7:30am, you can go through a line for resort guests to get in.