Late to Fantasmic Dessert Party

I am contemplating booking the Fantasmic Dessert Party in July. The time available is 7:50. Does anyone know what happens if we are a few minutes late? We will be park hopping back from Magic Kingdom, and I just want to know how strict the time is on getting the desserts. Thanks in advance!

What time is Fantasmic? There is a table set up and they give you your box of desserts and your drink. They told us we could come back for more drinks up until the start of the show so I expect you need to be there by then.

Fantasmic is at 9pm on the day we are going.

Then you will be fine. The seating area you go to is shared with the dinner packages so the only impact should be how close you sit.

Ok, thank you! I appreciate your help!

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I had the same situation in Fall 2017 and arrived 1 min before showtime and got checked in an seated without any issues. The CMs were great and guided us right through the process.

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