Late night lotto?


Remind me again at what time does any anytime FPP, awarded at night due to rain/ride closure, become good for the following day? And does it indicate that it is good for the following day? Wondering at what time I should try to “play the lotto.”


Backside of Magic said about 90 minutes before park closing is approx. when it shift to anytime the next day.


Thanks, @ApolloAndy! I thought it was something like that. I’ll get to test it out in just a couple of days…arriving on Saturday and evening rain in the forecast…Dumbo here I come! :wink:


Let us know how it goes. I remember hearing Test Track, then Kali River Rapids were good picks.


Great, thanks!


As usual, those guys have some data. (For late night lotto, you’re looking for "last).


Looks like Splash and Space (if you can get 'em) are also pretty good.


Oh cool!!


Oh I think I like this idea…let me get this straight. Is the idea to snag a later evening pass for something that will close due to weather so that you end up with an anytime FPP for the next day?

With this in mind, as well as the strategy for picking up a pass for something you know is closed in order to score an anytime FPP, is it poor form to send one person across the park with all the magic bands instead of everyone going over to do the obligatory swipe?


You can book right in the MDE app - no need to send a runner in order to gather fastpasses.


Yes, that’s the strategy…you can even try to pick something late at night from the comfort of your hotel room on MDE; if it closes, you’ll win the “late night lotto” for an anytime FPP the next day.


Excellent! I always thought you had to at least go attempt to use the FPP in order to get the anytime FPP. Thanks!


I’ve seen the anytime FP strategies talked about a lot and I have some follow up questions:

When you say you’re grabbing a FP for a ride because it went down, are you giving up a FP you’re holding (modifying to the down ride) or are you only using this strategy as a 4th FP trick?

And people say it doesn’t count against your 3 FP. What does that mean? For example… MK 3 FP: SDMT, PPF, BTMR. You use SDMT. Then BTMR goes down during your window and you get anytime FP for it. You still have your PPF FP so you can’t make 4th FP yet. Have you used 2 FPs (SDMT and BTMR) so you have anytime and PPF and have to use PPF before making 4th FP? Or have you only used 1 FP (SDMT) and have anytime and PPF and now have the option to book another 3rd FP? Does that make sense?


And are the anytime FPP good in any park or just the park they were issued in?


Normally they are good in the park they are issued in, but I believe if the closure is within an hour of park close, you get one for the next day for any park.

You can drop an existing to get one if you want, that is when the “not counting toward your 3 FPP selections” is relevant. Lets say you have FPP scheduled for 11AM Jungle Cruise, Noon BTMRR, and 1PM PoC (this is approximately what I had when I did this). We went to go on Splash Mountain at RD planning to ride it then BTMRR. Splash was down, so DW took the big kids on BTMRR while I waited with DS2 in the play area. While I waited, I was able to get a 9:30AM FPP for Splash Mountain that I dropped the 1PM PoC in order to get. Obviously, if I had a 10AM FPP, I would have to drop that, but a 9:30AM did not overlap and I was not worried about replacing the FPP for PoC. Withing a few minutes (I think when 9:30 arrived), the Splash FPP converted to an anytime (excluding 7DMT) FPP. Then, I was able to make another FPP since I now only had 2 “scheduled” FPP in MDE. I tried to get another Splash, but couldn’t, so I ended up just getting my original or a similar time back for PoC. Then we had the Anytime banked for later when lines were longer. I wish I could have gotten a couple more like this.

Whatever the case may be, once a FPP converts to anytime, you will be able to book another to replace it. If it is one of your first 3 for the day or if it is your 4th+ of the day.

For your example, you had BTMRR and PPF. Now BTMRR converts to anytime. You still have PPF and an anytime AND you can now book another to replace the BTMRR. Ideally, you try to get another BTMRR right away and see if you can pick up and extra anytime.


Thank you @heidelj! That’s what I thought people were saying, but it seemed too good to be true! I hope I can try this out during our trip!


With little kids, I found it difficult to get too many extra FPP. I think I got 7 one day when I had just my older kids for the afternoon while DW and DS2 napped. The big kids figured out if they behaved and let me stare at my phone while we walked the Space FPP line, I could get another FPP as soon as we exited the ride.

One thing to remember (I didn’t go back and read the whole thread so maybe it’s in there already) is be careful about making sure you don’t try to scan in for a FPP outside your scheduled time while you have an anytime. I believe it will automatically use the anytime if you are not in your window. Someone else may chime in and confirm whether it applies to the before/after grace period or not. Just something to think about. Don’t want to waste an anytime because you accidentally walked up to Under the Sea 6 minutes before your start time!