Late night lotto?


Remind me again at what time does any anytime FPP, awarded at night due to rain/ride closure, become good for the following day? And does it indicate that it is good for the following day? Wondering at what time I should try to “play the lotto.”


Backside of Magic said about 90 minutes before park closing is approx. when it shift to anytime the next day.


Thanks, @ApolloAndy! I thought it was something like that. I’ll get to test it out in just a couple of days…arriving on Saturday and evening rain in the forecast…Dumbo here I come! :wink:


Let us know how it goes. I remember hearing Test Track, then Kali River Rapids were good picks.


Great, thanks!


As usual, those guys have some data. (For late night lotto, you’re looking for "last).


Looks like Splash and Space (if you can get 'em) are also pretty good.


Oh cool!!


Oh I think I like this idea…let me get this straight. Is the idea to snag a later evening pass for something that will close due to weather so that you end up with an anytime FPP for the next day?

With this in mind, as well as the strategy for picking up a pass for something you know is closed in order to score an anytime FPP, is it poor form to send one person across the park with all the magic bands instead of everyone going over to do the obligatory swipe?


You can book right in the MDE app - no need to send a runner in order to gather fastpasses.


Yes, that’s the strategy…you can even try to pick something late at night from the comfort of your hotel room on MDE; if it closes, you’ll win the “late night lotto” for an anytime FPP the next day.


Excellent! I always thought you had to at least go attempt to use the FPP in order to get the anytime FPP. Thanks!