Late Night Anytime FP lotto w/o park hopper or hard ticket

I don’t have PH, but I’m trying to take advantage of converting down attraction FPP to anytime FPP. Without PH, am I restricted to only booking FPP in the park I’ve selected for the day? For example, if I was at MK earlier in the day, then at my hotel in the evening, and it starts raining, can I get a FPP in AK for KRR in hopes that it will convert to anytime for the next day? What about if I’m at MK on a MVMCP day, and I don’t have a ticket for MVMCP, can I get a FP for splash late in the day?

There are no FPs during the party so you definitely can’t do that.

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Okay, thanks, one question answered! Good to know so I don’t need to bother looking!

If you don’t have a PH ticket, then you are correct in thinking you could only book further FPs in the park you were in earlier. The system will assume you are still there, since you don’t tap out of a park.

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Awesome, thanks for the info! I just read about this recently, and I’m imagining stacking up the anytime FPP, but I’ve been before without knowing about it and my plans are tight enough that I really don’t need them… So I probably should just drop the idea, and just keep it in the back of my mind in case the opportunity presents itself, rather than spending my day hunting from them…

We never managed to get a single one in 2 weeks! We had so much rain but none in the last hour.